更新日期: 2021年1月28日
「本程式」是指SignalStickerMaker. 「伺服器」是指涉及SignalStickerMaker的服務的伺服器 「Signal」是指「Signal Messenger LLC」




因為製作貼圖的需要,本程式只會把你所上傳的圖片暫存在伺服器中。在貼圖包製作完成後,圖片就會被刪除。本程式永不會保留你所上傳的圖片。你在使用服務時所填寫的資料亦不會被保留。 為了改善用戶體驗,我們可能會收集你的技術資料,包括互聯網協定(IP)地址、瀏覽器類型和版本、時區設置、瀏覽器插件類型和版本、操作系統、平台以及裝置上您用於瀏覽本網站的其他技術。這些資料不會轉移到第三方。


本程式只負責把圖片上傳至Signal的貼圖伺服器,對製作完成的貼圖無管理權力。若你對已製作的貼圖有任何問題,你應聯絡Signal。 你不應使用本程式作任何違反法律的行為。 本《用戶條款和私隱》可能隨時更改條款而不予通知,請經常瀏覽用戶條款網頁,以獲得最新版本。如本用戶條款的不同語言版本有歧義,皆以英文版本為准。如有爭議,本程式保有最終決定權。

Terms and Privacy

Update: 2021-01-28
“Signal” is the company of “Signal Messenger LLC”
Our valued client, before you use SignalStickerMaker to create stickers, please read this 《Terms and Privacy》 . By using our service, it implies that you have read, understood, and accepted every statement in this document. Otherwise, you should not use this application.

Copy Right

By using our service, you have confirmed that you have the ownership or the right to use of the CopyRight of the works that you upload, and be responsible for all the responsibilities that may be caused by the sticker pack you created.

Privacy Policy

To provide our service, the images you have uploaded will be held on our server until the sticker pack is created, then those images will be deleted. We will never keep the images that you uploaded. Furthermore, the field you filled in using our service will not be kept as well. To enhance user experience, we might collect your technical details, including IP (Internet Protocol) address, browser type, time zone setting, browser plugins and version, operating system, platform, and other technology that is used in browsing These details will not be shared to the third party.


SignalStickerMaker. only upload the images to Signal, we do not have the right to manage the created stickers. If you have any problem with the created stickers, you should contact Signal. You should not use our application in any illegal activity. This 《Terms and Privacy》may update at any moment without prior notice, please visit this 《Terms and Privacy》 from time to time in order to get the updated version. In case of any discrepancies or inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions of this 《Terms and Privacy》, the English version shall prevail.

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